Entrepreneurs, get inspired by jazz strategy to run your own company

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to become an entrepreneur and more and more people decide to run their own business. For Anthony Tjan (CEO of Cue Ball), these early-stage companies must follow different strategies than older ones as they differ by their size. These last 20 years, new models of strategy based on metaphors of the musical environment have emerged and been studied. In 1992, Weick was the first one to suggest looking at jazz bands to find new models of management. Indeed, many parallels can be drawn between jazz contexts and entrepreneurial contexts as well as between jazz band leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Innovation Track: Simplifying, realizing projects without hassle

“Simplifying: realizing projects without hassle” by Jan-Peter Bogers was nominated for best management book of the year in 2014 in the Netherlands. During this presentation Jan-Peter will present a summary of the best ideas from the book in English, will show  where projects get stuck and demonstrate how we can overcome much of the hassle and unnecessary complexity by being creative and by adopting a different approach. His keynote will make you walk away with a toolbox of useful tips that you can instantly apply to your current and future projects!

Jan-Peter Bogers advises organizations and project teams in creating a vision and in translating this vision into action. As a professional speaker, trainer and consultant, he facilitates and drives organizational change and development towards meaningful results, always with the purpose of allowing organizations, teams and individuals to effectively do what they are best at. J-P-Bogers11His core talents are:

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Leadership Track: Leading from the side – How to be an impactful leader when you have no direct authority

Leading is an art and a skill at the same time and is something that one can learn and get accomplished at! Different leadership strategies need to be utilized depending on many variables. For example, how does one effectively lead a team where its members are not direct reports, in the same business unit and possibly spread all over the globe?

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Hello world!

We are really excited to announce the 10th anniversary PMI Finland Chapter conference! We have no-stop team volunteer team working to make sure you will remember this as the best Project Management event of September. Lots of materials and details about speakers will appear here in the coming weeks.

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