Leadership Track: Leading from the side – How to be an impactful leader when you have no direct authority

Leading is an art and a skill at the same time and is something that one can learn and get accomplished at! Different leadership strategies need to be utilized depending on many variables. For example, how does one effectively lead a team where its members are not direct reports, in the same business unit and possibly spread all over the globe?

  • How to identify leading from the side from other forms of leadership
  • Challenges faced when leading from the side
  • How delegation works in this form of leadership
  • Sales skills every project manager needs
  • Inspire, motivate and persuade, 3 ways to influence when leading without direct authority
  • WIFM, why this is the key to effectively and efficiently lead from the side

Presenter will use story-telling regarding leading project managers and stakeholders who are not in direct report relationships and real life examples to provide instances where leading from the side has had positive results in project, team and people management. At a time when it’s becoming more and more common for leaders to be managing cross-functional teams which are more spread out from both an organizational and geographical point of view, knowing how to effectively lead these kinds of teams is more important than ever.

Presentation is done by Neal Greenspanprofessional speaker who has more than 25 years of experience working in organizations of various sizes from his own consulting firm, to global giants such as American Express. Neal is an active leader in Toastmasters, the world’s foremost organization dedicated to making people better speakers and leaders. He is a few weeks away from attaining the top level in Toastmasters, the Distinguished Toastmaster award. As the head of the entire Nordic division last year, Neal led a diverse team to attaining the Presidents Distinguished award, the highest level possible.