Innovation Track: Simplifying, realizing projects without hassle

“Simplifying: realizing projects without hassle” by Jan-Peter Bogers was nominated for best management book of the year in 2014 in the Netherlands. During this presentation Jan-Peter will present a summary of the best ideas from the book in English, will show  where projects get stuck and demonstrate how we can overcome much of the hassle and unnecessary complexity by being creative and by adopting a different approach. His keynote will make you walk away with a toolbox of useful tips that you can instantly apply to your current and future projects!

Jan-Peter Bogers advises organizations and project teams in creating a vision and in translating this vision into action. As a professional speaker, trainer and consultant, he facilitates and drives organizational change and development towards meaningful results, always with the purpose of allowing organizations, teams and individuals to effectively do what they are best at. J-P-Bogers11His core talents are:

  • To see through complexity and to focus on the essence among oceans of data and information. To create a stepwise approach towards the desired result(s)
  • To provide people with new insights by revealing traditional paradigms or thinking patterns and by replacing or combining them with innovative patterns of thought and leadership
  • To stimulate organizations and people towards action. Somethimes through convincing, somethimes through confrontation, sometimes by listening and mostly through dialogue.