The DNA of Innovation

Ville-KarkiainenVille Karkiainen introduces himself as a Human Capital strategist with both line and management consulting experience, including functional leadership in multi-market environments, business operations & human change. Currently Director, Culture and Transformation Programs at Hay Group, Ville provides advisory services in the following fields: human change management, leadership transformation, top team development, group facilitation, program design, culture de-code, compensation & benefits, b2b sales & key account management. Prior to Hay Group, Ville worked as a HR Director for British American Tobacco with responsibilities across Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Ville will talk about “the DNA of Innovation”, a deep dive into the core principles of innovation and creative work. Using a showcase of how creativity is used to transform customer experience, Ville will provide powerful insights into the pre-requisites and ingredients for implementing and maintaining an Innovation culture within organizations, including:

  • In order to be successful, innovation needs to solve a problem
  • Innovation (particularly sustained innovation) doesn’t happen through a single person, it requires a diverse and multi-talented team
  • The notion that innovation is somehow organized may sound counter-intuitive at first, however, it actually results from a dynamic process
  • The leadership style applied may evolve throughout the process