Stora Enso’s leadership for innovation

Kirsi-roundLars-roundFaced with huge structural challenges impacting the very core of its business, Stora Enso was forced to re-think itself as a company. But how does one transform a business previously led by so called “untouchables”, a group of like-minded, Finnish and Swedish top executives with similar backgrounds? And what does it take to encourage and inspire people to build new paths in a company with a global reach, despite the hardships of economic downturn and structural reforms? “Importing” innovation from outside is one thing and adopting (to) it is by no means an easy way to do, but how about “modernizing” oneself from within? Come and find out about Stora Enso’s journey towards creating a sustainable culture of innovation and entrepreneurial leadership by Lars Häggström, EVP Global People and Organization, and Kirsi Seppäläinen, SVP Communications, Biomaterials division.