Staffan Kurtén: The art of coaching, a project leader’s perspective

In today’s increasingly complex and ever changing environment, a leader’s ability to coach her/his team for top performance is highly valued. Staffan Kurtén will introduce us to `the art of coaching´, providing insights into the following:

  • What is coaching – a discipline, a skill, a tool-kit …? What basic principles does it follow?
  • How does coaching as a leadership style benefit in a project environment? How does it help individuals and/or teams to achieve a successful completion of the project? How does coaching help to create motivation and even `flow´ in projects?
  • What coaching skills should a project leader master, how to develop them, and how to apply them?

With over 25 years  of experience as a leader and a manager in various positions including Staffan_Kurtenentrepreneurship and new business ventures,  Staffan has always thrived in what he calls “the people business”. Throughout his endeavors with public and private companies big and small, his ability to build trust and his energetic approach have earned him the respect and credibility his professional counseling is based upon. A certified ACC-coach (by International Coach Federation)  and author of several articles and books on self-leadership, Staffan has successfully carried out professional coaching assignments since 2005 in the areas of leadership development and change in a business context.