Interview with Staffan Kurtén, speaker at the Project Management Forum

Staffan_Kurten_roundLeadership specialist and certified ACC-coach, Staffan Kurtén will lead a session on “The art of coaching, a project leader’s perspective at the Project Management Forum. Ahead of the conference, he has answered a few questions of ours. Read his interview below.


What are the most important skills of a good manager and leader?

This is a very large and complex question. But, I´ll try to give you an initial answer. First, you have to understand the difference between Management and Leadership. They require different skills and attitude. Second, before fully understanding ”the art” of leading people you have to understand and know yourself well and understand and know and the people you are supposed to lead well. Then comes the traditional stuff like showing direction, motivating, supporting, decision making, acting as a role model and so forth.


How has management evolved during the last years? How did it change the role of the manager?

Products and services tend to over time more and more look alike. People and customer service makes the difference. Look at medium priced cars for example. They tent to all look the same today (more or less).So with growing emphasis on people and services Good Leadership has become more and more important.


What is your motivation to be a speaker at the Project Management Forum?

I hope I can give a little bit different input to the topic and the audience some food for thought.


What key message would you like to address to the attendees of the Project Management Forum?

Leadership is one important key to successful projects and project teams. I´ll give some tools too.


Where can we find you online? Twitter, LinkedIn, something else?

You can find me on LinkedIn.


Stafan Kurtén is one of the many great speakers present at the Project Management Forum. Come attend our sessions on project management, leadership and innovation on September 22nd 2015!

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