Interview with Ville Karkiainen, speaker at the Project Management Forum

Ville Karkiainen is a speaker at the Project Management Forum.Ville Karkiainen, speaker at the Project Management Forum, will lead an inspiring session on “The DNA of innovation” on September 22nd 2015. In this blog post, he expresses his views on a couple of questions.


What are the most important skills of a good manager and leader?

A good leader has many important skills but self-awareness is a good starting point for the discussion. Research shows that without self-awareness it is extremely hard to develop one’s influencing skills (which requires both understanding self AND others), which again is crucial for the leader to gain any kind of traction. Once self-awareness is there it is possible to focus on the six behavioral patterns of effective leaders, such as being visionary, participative, coach etc.


In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges organizations and/or leaders face when creating an innovative culture which supports the design and successful implementation of creative ideas through projects?

Our research suggests that innovation capacity correlates with the quality of leaders. Effective leaders – from an innovation standpoint – are those who derive their energy out of motivating others instead of control and personal fame. They are altrocentric – not egocentric. They leave their ego at home and encourage wild ideas and intelligent risk taking. Command and control does not correlate positively with innovation.


Want to know more about Ville’s background? Take a look at his LinkedIn profile and don’t forget to attend his session on “The DNA of innovation” if you want to foster innovation and creative work within your organization.

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