Innovation Track: The Human Touch of Innovation

Ville Karkiainen, Director of Culture and Transformation Programs at Hay Group, will use IDEO as a showcase of how Creativity and Design Thinking are used to transform customer experience. Ville goes beyond product design and demonstrates the actual process behind Innovation while providing insights to some of the “organisational” pre-requisites for implementing an Innovation culture within organizations.

Ville introduces himself as a Human Capital strategist with both line and management consulting experience, including functional leadership in multi-market environments, business operations & human change.

Currently Director, Culture and Transformation Programs at Hay Group, Ville provides advisory services to some of Finland’s largest corporations in the following fields: human change management, leadership transformation (from strategy to deployment), top team development, group facilitation, program design, culture de-code, compensation & benefits, b2b sales & key account management.

Prior to Hay Group, Ville worked as a HR Director for British American Tobacco with responsibilities across Sweden, Norway and Finland.