Diversity creates awareness, knowledge creates purpose – managing both well creates impact!

In her TED talk to an audience of young university graduates, Linda Laatikainen says that an impactful life is all about making choices. Diversity and knowledge are two key elements that may help you to do just this.

Having an open mind is essential to reap the benefits of diversity, as it allows you to learn and discover new opportunities. Exposure to opportunities may help you to find/set a direction in your life! The ability to recognize opportunities is the beginning to a possible journey of making an impact, if YOU decide to do so! (after all, isn’t this the core of entrepreneurship?).

Knowledge is gained through planned (e.g. academic achievements) as well as unplanned experiences. Using this knowledge wisely, in accordance with your own (changing) values throughout  the different stages of your life, allows you to add purpose to direction, and to make any impact more meaningful.

Diversity and Knowledge Management are the themes for PMI Finland’s 2016 conference; come and find out how they drive social and corporate value in Linda Laatikainen’s key note!