Conference 2016 feedback summary

We received valuable feedback – more than 50% of you returned the feedback sheet. We appreciate your input and will do our best to implement your ideas.

Some summary information:

  • Presentations and presenters were rated as very good with the averages of all presentations / presenters as follows:
      • ‘Relevance of the topic’ 4.03 – a little over “very good”, with a lot of 5’s = “excellent”
      • ‘Usefulness of Information Presented’ 3.66 – closer to “very good” than “good”
  • Highest rated speakers and presentations were the key note speakers, Lars Sudmann and Linda Laatikainen – very closely followed by Ed Rogers and Merja Fischer
  • All speakers received an overall rating average above 3 – i.e. they were all rated “more than good”
  • Facilities and other arrangements scored an average 4.2 – i.e. “a little above Satisfied” and several ‘Very satisfied’ scores as well
    • the lowest scores were for ‘Coffee and lunch’ and ‘Cost and pricing’. We also received comments on these aspects in response to the question ‘Do you have any suggestions or comments to help us improve future conferences?’
      • all the comments are very valuable to us when improving for the 2017 conference – more seating for the lunch at least :=)
  • Some examples of answers to the question ‘What was your favorite part of the conference?’
    • “Key note speakers”
    • “Especially enjoyed the opening keynote presentation. Nice way of presenting an interesting theme.”
    • “Linda’s, Ed’s & Merja’s representations and Lars’s presentation was excellent”
Did you think of something else to tell us on the way home? Is there anything else you still want us to know?
The easiest way to give more feedback or suggestions is to send an email to

We will be opening a survey for Conference 2017 later where you will also be able to give feedback.