‘’This type of event is definitely worth spending a day on!’’

Peter Waenerberg, Project Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise shares his views on the PMI Finland Conferences

PMI 2017 Conference: Do you think that the PMI Conferences address the needs of project managers with their focus in 2016 on Diversity and Knowledge Management and this year on Change?

Peter Waenerberg: All of the topics covered both during the conference last year and this year are essential ones for a project manager to be able to cope with. Last year the topics covered e.g. how to manage virtual teams from all over the world, this is something I personally have to deal with on a regular basis.

When  you reflect on the 2016 PMI Conference, how did you find the presentations and talks?

Both keynote sessions last year were very interesting, additionally the presenters were very inspiring. The parallel sessions in-between gave a good opportunity to pick a topic of special interest to me.

Do you think the event gave you an opportunity for expanding your horizons and networking? Would you recommend the PMI Conference to your colleagues from project management world?

A day off from the daily hectic work is very welcome, when you have the freedom to concentrate on getting new views on daily challenges instead of struggling with them. This is possible both via the formal presentations but also via networking with people in the same situation as you are and with whom you otherwise would not meet. This type of event is definitely worth spending a day on!

What are you looking for when you think ‘’PMI 2017 Conference”. 

I am looking forward to getting ideas for how to deal with changes within projects I run but also for how to manage the change that very often is the outcome of the projects. If this change is not managed well, the end result of the project can be a disappointment even though the project as such was successful.

Thank you!

Peter Waenerberg
Project manager, PMP®
Hewlett Packard Enterprise