“Change is always a good focus”

Anna Veijola, ICT specialist at Finnish Tax Administration was interviewed just before her skiing holidays – we are happy she had a moment to share her experience and expectations.

PMI 2017 Conference: Do you think that the PMI Conferences address the needs of project managers with their focus in 2016 on Diversity and Knowledge Management and this year on Change?

Anna Veijola: Knowledge Management is an interesting and important topic for organizations, that want to be on the leading edge.
The change is always a good focus, when we are talking about Information Systems. From the project management view the changes in the (business)environment are so rapid, that we should find methods to flexibly correct and redirect our projects according to the changes.

When  you reflect on the 2016 PMI Conference, how did you find the presentations and talks?

The presentations and talks were interesting and not too long. The two parallel streams gives the attendees the possibility to choose, what is interesting to them. I hope You will be able to keep that.

Do you think the event gave you an opportunity for expanding your horizons and networking? Would you recommend the PMI Conference to your colleagues from project management world?

The event definitely is a place where You get the possibility to expand Your networks. The lunch and coffee breaks where long enough to meet colleagues and get to know new ones and share the outcomes of the presentations. I surely recommend this for my colleagues.

What are you looking for when you think ‘’PMI 2017 Conference”? Have you registered already? :=)

Hope to hear interesting and fresh presentations. I also look forward to hear the key note speakers. So far I have not registered, always signing up just before due date.

Thank you!

Soon after the interview we received a registration from Anna to our conference. Early birds receive a discounted price!