Carl Haglund: “…being able to utilize change as a positive driver in business is of utmost importance”



We interviewed our keynote speaker Carl “Calle” Haglund about Change. His keynote is titled ‘Driving big changes – in society, business and life’. (More about Carl here.)


PMI Conference 2017: How do you see ‘Change’ in your business environment; is there any “change in the change” happening? (Like pace, amplitude, risk, etc)

Change is a very strong factor in the energy industry. Climate change is the big driver that also changes the industry. The past years the change has been faster and the implementation of the political decisions as a part of the Paris agreement on climate change has accelerated the political processes that affect the energy sector.

What has been the biggest personal ‘change’ or ‘change project’ in your career?

The largest personal change in my career so far was the decision one year ago to leave politics for the private sector.

What is your motivation to be a speaker at the PMI Finland Conference?

I find it exciting that such a prominent group of people want to do a deep dive into the broad topic of change. The world is an ever faster changing place and adapting to change and being able to utilize change as a positive driver in business is of utmost importance.

What key message would you like to address to the attendees of the PMI Finland Conference?

I have promised to address the audience on the changes the public sector faces and the changes within the energy sector. I have also promised to give some personal reflections on the career change I did one year ago.