Asko Kauppi: “Learning to work smarter is something universal”

Asko works as a Technical Agility Coach at Zalando Helsinki. In the conference Asko will speak about “Leading Radical Agility at Zalando Helsinki”. (More about Asko and the presentation here.)

PMI Finland Conference: How do you see ‘Change’ in your business environment; is there any “change in the change” happening? (Like pace, amplitude, risk, etc)

Asko Kauppi: For Zalando, change is a built-in. It’s all a matter of trying to get better at managing it. At certain areas, we are also actively pushing for change in the industry.

What has been the biggest personal ‘change’ or ‘change project’ in your career?

My biggest changes have been in my personal life. In the career, being an entrepreneur, and changing back to regular employment has been a big change (both positive and negative).

What is your motivation to be a speaker at the PMI Finland Conference

Learning to work smarter is something universal. I wish to hear from other people’s experiences and share the ones we’ve gained, since 2015.

What key message would you like to address to the attendees of the PMI Finland Conference?

Leave the laptop home. 🙂 Enjoy the people in the conference.