Kimmo Vättö: Human Intelligence rules!

We interviewed our speaker Kimmo Vättö. His presentation in the Conference is ‘How to boost the organisation renewal capability?’ (More about Kimmo here.)


PMI Conference 2018: What is your motivation to be a speaker at the PMI Finland event?

My main motivation is to extend my personal networks to the PMI community. Furthermore, with my presentation I look forward to challenge some of the traditional thinking in project management regarding leading the project organisation.

What key message would you like to address to the attendees of the PMI Finland Annual Conference?

Both project managers and the people responsible on the organisation capabilities should deploy continuous processes and practices for measuring and understanding the expert opinion (tacit data) regarding the most critical success enablers. This should be done in transparent way in order to avoid information dilution.

What is your buzzword in the world of project management?

Human Intelligence rules!

As we move from recessionary period to Growth period, what are the different expectations / challenges for leaders and project managers moving forward?

Project managers should increase their people leadership skills and improve the related processes. Just adding new managers on-board does not equal to better performance.