Markku Heikura: “Focus on essentials and have clear objectives”

We interviewed our keynote speaker Markku Heikura about Growth and project management. His keynote is titled ‘Finnish Tax: From 1000 Ideas to Results – Faster and Safer’ (More about Markku here.)


PMI Conference 2018: What is your motivation to be a speaker at the PMI Finland event?

I have been in different kind of projects and change management projects whole my career since 1986. It is my pleasure and honor to speak in such professional forum.

What key message would you like to address to the attendees of the PMI Finland Annual Conference?

My speech consists of how to speed up development work or projects. Especially I speak to how to find out development initiatives that will rise up to projects.

What is your buzzword in the world of project management?

Focus on essentials and have clear objectives.

As we move from recessionary period to Growth period, what are the different expectations / challenges for leaders and project managers moving forward?

Growth means and needs more agile way of thinking. Agile projects are quite different to manage than traditional waterfall projects. Management needs much more trust on project organisation and wider authorization for project owner. Growth and agility also demands clear objectives and different kind of measurements compared to traditional project management.