Matti Honkanen: “You can be Apple & Google if you just dare to change…”

We interviewed our conference speaker Matti Honkanen about Growth and project management. Matti will speak in the Conference with a title ‘Making Omelette Without Breaking Eggs’ – How Large Corporations Can Succeed With New Businesses Without Destroying The Established Ones.


PMI Conference 2018: What is your motivation to be a speaker at the PMI Finland event?

I want to have a good discussion about how large corporates can be more successful with new businesses.

What key message would you like to address to the attendees of the PMI Finland Annual Conference?

Many people see that large corporates can’t succeed with innovations and new businesses. But they can succeed if they only learn the right well-proven ways of doing it. Apple and Google do succeed, and it’s not due to any kind of magic. It’s because they use the ways that companies before them have tested and proved to work. You can be Apple & Google if you just dare to change the way you work with innovations.

What is your buzzword in the world of project management?

Lean Start-up.

As we move from recessionary period to Growth period, what are the different expectations / challenges for leaders and project managers moving forward?

You must find different ways of working for your old and new businesses. Large corporates should not try to be start-ups. They know how to run established businesses. At the same time they can find the new ways of working with innovations, where they can learn from start-up. If you only continue in the old way that has been good for old businesses, you are going to fail with new businesses, even if you improve a bit all the time.