Agile workshop within the Conference

In addition to keynotes and presentations, this year’s conference offers a special workshop for those who want to deep-dive into the field of agile and lean project management. The workshop runs parallel to two tracks of presentations, but you’ll attend the morning and afternoon joined sessions to enjoy our key note and common presentations.

As more and more organizations are implementing agile way of working, many project managers face the requirement to accept the role of Product Owner. Not even necessarily so that Project Manager’s own organization would be requiring that, but an external co-operation partner using agile approach is requesting someone to act as Product Owner.
This workshop highlights the differences and similarities that the roles of Product Owner and Project Manager have – and what it requires from the person and from the organization to adopt this change successfully.

Topics to be discussed in the workshop:

  • Intro to the main responsibilities of Product Owner
    • agile manifest, principles and practices
    • impact of an agile approach on roles
    • product vision, product backlog
  • From Project Manager (PM) to Product Owner (PO)
    • what changes
    • what remains
  • Difference between Product Owner and (traditional) Product Manager
  • Product Owner as a representative of:
    • end users
    • customers
    • stakeholders
  • Support that Product Owner requires from own organization
  • Working as Product Owner with or within traditional organizations


The three-hour session will accommodate up to 15 participants, giving you a chance for an interactive exchange and learning something new. Pre-registrations for the workshop will start soon.