How to claim PDUs for the Conference?

Log in the or directly with your PMI credentials.

You’ll need to report the PDUs in three dimensions: Technical / Leadership / Strategic & Business.

When entering the claim, use the following information:

Claim for ‘Course or Training’

Provider = PMI Finland Chapter (C288)

Activity = PMI Finland Annual Conference 2017 (You can’t “select” it, just type in)


Contact Person = Heikki Hartikainen

Contact Email =

Our recommendation for PMI Talent Triangle dimensions (if you think the content was more about another area, feel free to adjust):

Haglund: ‘Driving big changes – in society, business and life’ – S&B 45 min

Morgan: ‘Change Ourselves! –Becoming more effective…’ – LEAD 45 min

Haukkovaara: ‘Entering into the next era in Information…’ – TECH 30 min

Seppänen: ‘Construction projects…’ – TECH 30 min

Savolainen & Lehmuskoski: ‘Practical tools to lead digital…’ – S&B 30 min

Paasonen: ‘Freedom and responsibility as leadership principles’ – LEAD 30 min

Kauppi: ‘Case Zalando: Leading Radical Agility’ – TECH 30 min

Larsen: ‘From Crisis Management to Communication Culture’ – LEAD 30 min

Laine: ‘Case Stockmann: Changing everything in the logistics’ – LEAD 30 min

Rautio: ‘Digitalizing the whole world’ – S&B 30 min

Eskola: ‘A global leader in a changing world’ – S&B 1 h

Viika: ‘Flawless execution – getting things right in a complex project’ – TECH 30 min