Kimmo Vättö

Kimmo Vättö is the Founder and CEO at Celkee Oy.

Kimmo has vast experience from project/program leadership and managing project portfolios of hundreds of man-years as well as executing complex organisational transformations successfully.

Most of his career Kimmo has worked in software industry. However, during the past five years he has focused industry independently in measuring organisations status and capabilities and building processes for continuous development in a lean and modern style leveraging high levels of engagement and transparency.

The approach is applied in various businesses such as construction, software systems, machinery, retail etc. In many contexts the approach is seen also as part of risk management.

In the Conference Kimmo will share with us ‘How to boost the organisation renewal capability?’

Questions to be addressed in the presentation:

  • Why old processes are not always working today ?
  • How to leverage organisations tacit data for capability development systematically?
  • How to deploy transparency for organisational capability development and renewal?
  • Why and how to engage and empower the whole organisation for development or renewal?

‘How to boost the organisation renewal capability?’

Constant change is the new norm and Growth opportunity. Organisations need to be able react to all planned and unplanned changes promptly. They need to be able to maintain and boost their capabilities at increasing speed regardless what the change is in their internal or external environment. The deciding factor in the competition is how fast one can react to the change and adapt the capabilities accordingly.
It is not enough that one part of the organisation (hr, line management…) cares about the renewal capability. It should be on everybody’s agenda and it should be part of core processes. Many old supporting institutions, like yearly development discussions, periodic competence evaluations, process audits etc. are not producing the bang for the buck anymore.
Several trends impact every company. The trend for increasing transparency and reflection is strong because it helps the business and it raises organisational trust level. Enterprise agile is are gaining strong foothold in major companies because the fast change adaptation is build-in to the concept. Communities and lean startup concepts are leveraged largely in enterprises.
How to engage with the major trends and boost the organisation renewal? In this presentation, Kimmo will explore the area more deeply and present a concrete approach for combining all this. The case is concretized by two case examples from IT-industry and infrastructure construction.