Markku Heikura

Markku Heikura

  • Director General of the Finnish Tax Administration since 2018
  • Has worked in the Finnish Tax Administration as the Chief Information Officer (IT Director) since 2009
  • Master of Science (Technology), University of Oulu. Field of study: engineering/automation and information technology in process technics
  • Has also worked in similar positions in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, State Treasury and in the private sector

In the Conference Markku will speak about: ‘Finnish Tax: From 1000 Ideas to Results – faster and safer’

Finnish Tax Administration (FTA) is renowned for efficient tax collection and well working electronic services for clients. Currently FTA is running two major initiatives; replacement of all taxation applications with a new taxation software package and creating a totally new entity, National Incomes Register. Still, they are continuously striving to improve processes; to push more ideas to concrete projects and results.

FTA is aiming to

– push 1000 ideas yearly through the evaluation and project initiation process

– bring down the “bureaucracy” to start a project from hundreds of man-days to tens or even single digit

– assure each project has a clear goal and efficient steering to reach the goal

Director General Markku Heikura will tell you how FTA does this all.