Matti Honkanen

Matti Honkanen works for Nordea. He is recreating Nordea’s Foreign Exchange business, taking it to the new digital age. His mission is to make Nordea more successful with commercialising innovations. Before moving to business innovations, Matti had a long career in sales and sales management in Nordea.

In the Conference Matti will speak about ‘Making Omelette Without Breaking Eggs’ – How Large Corporations Can Succeed With New Businesses Without Destroying The Established Ones.

Generally large corporations are infamous for being terribly poor with new businesses and innovations. There are notable exceptions to this rule, however, like Apple, Google and Amazon. What is the difference that makes the difference? It is the difference in the structures of the companies. Matti tells how your company can fix the structures and become as good as the best with the innovative new businesses, without compromising on the established businesses.