Linda Laatikainen

Linda has worked on public health matters as a researcher, consultant and social enterprise director. She studied at Oxford and Cambridge University and has worked at the World Health Organization and McKinsey & Company. Linda is currently COO of Rinnekoti Foundation, in charge of social, healthcare and educational services.

She will share a variety of experiences and perspectives in her presentation titled:

“Driving social and corporate value through diversity and knowledge”

  • Virtual teams operating 24/7 with project team members around the world
  • Data and information protection in biobanks and projects in the field of genetics
  • The possibility for fast-tracking project management knowledge transfer, Strategy implementation by creating project management teams that include process and knowledge management expertise
  • Implementing an innovative growth strategy as part of her current COO role.

Listen to Linda how she advises the audience of school youngsters – could it be something to apply in our adult age as well..? This talk gives some serious advice on how we all can have an impact on the world around us. It all comes down to how you manage your own life and career. Don´t miss the simple five-step plan!