Maija Strandberg

Maija Strandberg, Vice President, Finance, Pulp and Energy Business Line at Valmet,  is also a board member in VR Group, Danske Bank, Dustin Group and FinnSonic. During her career she has held several CxO positions, and has wide experience both from finance and operations management in international business set ups.

Maija started her “project career” in Timberjack back in the 90s by leading a company-wide ERP implementation project. Since then she has been looking at project work from various angles, from execution to governance development.In her presentation titled:

 “Strategy implementation: Top management view on measuring project success”

Maija will discuss the importance of project goal setting, steering and success measurement. Projects are used to drive change in the organization… so, how do you know the change – and the right change – happened?

  • How does an organization build and manage its project portfolio?
  • Managing expectations and goals,
  • Measuring success, Steering towards improving organizational performance