Matti Vesala

Matti is a Business Executive with Sofigate where he is focusing on concepts that connect IT development with the digitalization of enterprises. He has a track record of over 12 years in leading sales and delivery of global IT services. Over the years he has witnessed the evolution of the core IT and the revolution of digitalization, especially in the telecommunications and media industries.

He is passionate to find out how future digitalization and “robotisation” will be managed and how we will transform our leadership to maximize the benefits of digital and social businesses.

Matti’s greatest passion is emotional and innovative purpose driven leadership that aims at making people feel happy, creative and excited – especially in sales. He loves to step up and lead value networks that reach beyond known organizational structures to create value yet unseen!  He is also passionate about “beta”, constantly encouraging people to discover new business potential by sharing and collaborating in the earliest stage. He respects the ones who know but he adores the ones who learn. In his presentation titled:

“Knowledge management in the heart of business culture

Matti will discuss about,

–           Knowledge management, what it is, why it is important? How do companies (like Sofigate) lead and manage business with knowledge management.

–          Some practical examples of knowledge management (in projects) at Sofigate.