Merja Fischer

Merja Fischer, Doctor (Tech), M.Sc. (Econ), has a long leadership career in several global companies, both in Finland and abroad (ABB, Nokia and Wärtsilä). During her working career, she has driven major global initiatives where the success was built by combining technology development through emphasis on leadership that focuses on human potential.

Her PhD (Aalto University, 2012) was about service business and how to improve productivity and profitability through customer experience.

Since 2012 August she has been an entrepreneur, working with different types of organizations and Universities – giving lectures, running strategy workshops and facilitating leadership transformations. She was invited 2012 to chair a team to prepare the future worklife report as part of the government foresight report for year 2030. Merja is also Chairman of the management team in a TEKES fund:

Liideri – Business, Productivity and Joy at Work Programme 2012–20 and co-author with Satu Vainio of Potkua palvelubisinekseen – asiakaskokemus luodaan yhdessä.

Her presentation will include resilience as a competitive advantage, co-creation cross boundaries and how to unleash your potential and the potential of others. She will speak about:

“How to ensure high levels of performance in turbulent times”