Olli Knuuti

Olli Knuuti has worked as an information security specialist at KPMG Finland since March, 2010. He is also a chief operating officer and team leader of KPMG IT Certification Ltd, an Accredited Information Security Inspection Body, providing both public authorities and private companies reliable and independent information security assessment services.

Olli has been a project manager in many information security management engagements for several clients operating in different industries, like manufacturing, telecom, IT, trading and banking industries. He has also participated in a wide variety of information security projects for the government and international corporations as a responsible professional. He has focused on information security governance and has a good knowledge of different security standards, laws, regulations and common trends.

In the conference, He is going to speak about the importance of protecting the knowledge of the organization, and the practical ways to do it:

“Data and information protection – how do you safeguard the knowledge of your organization”