Satu Palosaari

Satu is an international leader with close to two decades of experience from managing individuals, teams and departments, locally, regionally and globally. This highly skilled senior manager had her skills portfolio thoroughly tested as the Planning & Logistics Head and deputy GM in a green field mega factory project in Vietnam.

Satu passionately believes in the enabling power of a skilled manager with a heart. Work always needs to be taken personally enough so that it matters. There needs to be a balance when spending more hours at work than with family, thus it also needs to be fun. As a former HR Manager, Satu has a special interest in people management and is intrigued by understanding of the human side of management backed up by the hard numbers of the business.

In the end it is always the combination of the two that counts. In the last year she has been working on strategic expansion plan for an SME – how to help them make it in Asia – as well as spending time with offering mentoring and career counseling, all of which she truly enjoys. She holds an MA from the University of Helsinki.

Satu’s speech titled:

 “Understanding Diversity – the Secret Tool to Success?”

Scientific American summarized it well: ”Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working” (2014).

The evidence is piling up fast – diverse teams and companies are doing better. The presentation will open up the magic behind the concept and take us down to concrete paths which will help leaders to boost the opportunities it offers and to dodge some of the worst pitfalls.