Asko Kauppi

Asko works as a Technical Agility Coach at Zalando Helsinki. He got his first computer at the age of 12 and has been thrilled about programming ever since. The career contains electronics, embedded programming, team management, customer contact, consulting and running two startups. Asko has an M.Sc. from Tampere University of Technology (1999) and Hardware Scrum Master certification (2015). He likes outdoors, and bringing science fiction a bit closer to reality.

In theĀ conference Asko will speak aboutĀ “Leading Radical Agility at Zalando Helsinki“:

In August 2015, Zalando opened a tech hub in Helsinki.

Some months earlier, the company had introduced Radical Agility – a way to transform the way the whole tech company operates, based on team autonomy, purpose and mastery.

This presentation describes a model on how an organization can support a work culture based on autonomous teams. Some of the processes are tested and in place at Zalando whereas others are still untested and hypothetical.

We were able to start this work from scratch, taking agility and cultural compatibility into consideration in our recruitment. You may not be in that situation, so we’ll look into turning an existing organization towards Radical Agility as well.

We wish to join an exchange of ideas and experiences regarding these issues. New ways of working for highly skilled and self-motivated professionals. How to best get out of the way, while making sure that business objectives are reached and the teams and individuals do get the support they need, in time, to do the right work.

Looking forward to the discussions with You.

Radical Agility (1:14:56)



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