Ville Rautio

Ville is currently working as CTO (IT) for Elisa’s Corporate Customers Unit. His area of responsibility covers IT Infrastructure technologies from Cloud to EUC. He is also responsible for a wide range of different software technologies as well as different working methods, such as DevOps.

Ville has a long career (22 years) in IT in Finland and in other countries, covering multiple responsibilities from technology architect to managing business units. Prior to his current position, he was COO of Elisa Appelsiini Finland from November 2013 to January 2017.

In the conference Ville will bring us the digitalization view of a telecommunications, ICT and online service company. Business of Elisa is continuously changing. Digitalization is influencing the work that people do, ways of working, management, tools and the working environment.

Ville’s presentation is titled ‘Digitalizing the whole world’.