Tanja Lindner

Brand Manager at Zervant

Tanja is an online marketing & branding expert. In the past 5 years she’s helped grow Finnish fintech startup Zervant by developing and implementing the marketing strategy across continental Europe. Her articles on entrepreneurship are read by more than 100,000 people a month, and her work has also been featured in The Huffington Post, T3N and Edition F, a magazine empowering women in career and life. Her active role in the startup’s growth has taught her that a company’s culture is crucial for sustainable success.

In the Conference Tanja will present us

‘What Is More Powerful Than Knowledge – 3 Lessons From a Startup’

Being part of a startup from the early stages offers a unique learning experience on growth. At the very beginning, a startup is mere a project. You play with an idea. You make a plan. You create what you feel is missing in this world. You listen to your customer’s and partner’s feedback and improve the way you work. However, the part where projects and startups differ greatly are their intentions. A project is a finite game. The goal of a startup is to keep growing.

Knowledge is important, but knowledge alone won’t drive results. It’s your mindset and your actions that will take you further in your personal development and initiate growth on all levels.

In her presentation, Tanja will share 3 growth lessons from the startup world that have shaped her way of approaching projects, work and life in general. She will challenge you to think like an entrepreneur, explore like a pioneer and grow on your own terms.