Top Ten Reasons to attend PMI Finland Conference 2017

Reason #1 = Our incredible lineup of speakers and topics
Our speakers this year include former Minister of Defense, authors of a book on digitalization, several practitioners of project management and agile methods, and the CEO Wärtsilä. Our topics look at Change from various angles – what is the overall change in society, how does the business environment change, major change trends.. and last but not least – what does the change mean to you as a project manager. Don’t miss out on this incredible event – register today!

Reason #2 = Networking Opportunities
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to share and exchange valuable knowledge, resources, best practices and insights with over 100 professionals from across all disciplines. Discover new professional contacts and benefit from one-on-one interactions with colleagues and experts in the project management community at PMI Finland Conference 2017. Bring business cards. Lots of them.

Reason #3 = Great value overall
PMI Finland Conference is unique in the scale and variety of distinctive speakers, discussions, and topics offering memorable professional experiences.
Register, attend, and benefit from:
• High caliber speakers sharing their experience and insights
• Many talented professionals to meet and share best practices
• Building a personal plan for exceptional career results
• Deep-dive seminar during the day
• Earning up to 5 PDUs
• Resources for your organization’s talent management program

PMI Finland Conference fosters a community of colleagues engaged in critical initiatives that inspire current and future leaders. PMI Finland Conference offers the ideal conditions for professional development in a supportive environment, and establishes a positive setting to reflect deeply on leadership, technical knowledge, and strategic business value.

Reason #4 = Improve professional skills
PMI Finland Conference is where to find the skills to take you, and your career, to the next level. With session titles like “Change Ourselves! –Becoming more effective Change Agents through our Own Personal Journeys of Change” or “Entering into the next era in Information Technology: Cognitive” and our 3 hour seminar focused on Agile you will come away from PMI Conference with a host of new and improved skills, as well as practical ways to put these skills to use after the Conference is over.

Reason #5 = Renewed Motivation
It’s easy to get so caught up in the daily grind that you lose motivation or excitement for your job or interests. Web Pro News and Business states that the intensive study of a seminar provides a chance to get away and dedicate yourself to the topic for a few days. As a result, you may return from the seminar with renewed motivation to pursue your goals and find your enthusiasm rekindled. This can lead to higher productivity and fulfillment of professional and academic goals. (from

Reason #6 = Learn new skills inside (and outside) of your field
With our outstanding lineup of speakers, you are bound to learn something new that can directly apply to a project you are currently working on. A two-fold benefit of our speakers is that you may learn something that, while it doesn’t directly apply to your current project, may help you to look at things differently. Take another look at a session you may not think applies to you, and consider the possibilities of how it may reshape a project you’ve been stuck on.

Reason #7 = Fun
Lunch, sponsors, café, and – as always – the most interesting conversations happen during networking breaks.

Reason #8 = Great Value for PDUs

If you are looking to get a big bang for your buck, look no further than PMI Finland Conference 2017. Over the course of one conference day, you have the opportunity to earn up to 5 PDUs with breakout sessions that align perfectly with the PMI Talent Triangle. We are bringing in some of the best speakers from Finland and abroad! Don’t miss out on this incredible development opportunity.

Reason #9 = Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Top Ten Reasons you should join us at the PMI Finland Conference 10.5.2017 at HTC Ruoholahti, Helsinki. Reason #9 = Tips, Tricks & Techniques: Learn from the experts what works, what doesn’t work, and what you could be doing to improve your project outcomes and extend your track record of career success. #PMIFIN

Reason #10 = Social Scene

Over the next few weeks, we will be counting down the Top Ten Reasons you should join us at the PMI Finland Conference 10.5.2017 at HTC Ruoholahti, Helsinki. Reason #10 = Social Scene: For first timers and returners alike, you get to meet and hang out with talented speakers as well as your peers from around the area. #PMIFIN