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We lead to be brave for new approaches, energize people to make a difference and understand each other!

MAY 28, 2020

Helsinki, Finland

Theme of the Conference

Modern Leadership

Project Laughs and Tears

Times are changing, so does the project manager profession. Not everyone who does project manager tasks are called project manager. But we all make things happen, we all leave impact, we deliver, we lead! This year we focus on leadership! What is the "thing" that makes difference from good project to excellent? What makes impossible possible? What have been your joy moments and tear moments during your experience?

MAY 28, 2020

200 Participants


8 Presentations

8:00 - 17:00


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Understanding the event

Here we answer the most common questions asked to us!

We lead to be brave for new approaches, energize people to make a difference and understand each other! This Conference is to emphasize leadership as main tool to succeed in areas as change management, risk management, conflict and empathy, and in other related project areas.  

A fun, entertaining and enjoyable moment, where they can learn, network, brainstorm and have fun.

Modern Leadership: Project Laughs and Tears is organized by Project Management Institute Finland and supported by sponsors like Microsoft, IIL, Tieturi.   

Project managers, students studying project management and leadership (5% of participants), engineers working as project leaders, professionals who are willing to change their career to project/product management, other professionals who use project management skills daily.  

Most of the audience has experience working in the position where project management skills are applied for different size of product and project delivery. 

Yes, fee has been kept as small as possible so every individual can afford to attend conference on their own costs. 

As not for profit organization we have very limited budget. All around the globe speakers for PMI conferences are volunteers and are not hired on high fees. 

  • Show your passion and professional skills internationally to wider audience
  • Travel costs covered
  • Free entrance to event and networking dinner
  • New connections
  • Feedback on request    

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