Creating an Agile Decision Making Culture

Mark Engelhardt 

This highly interactive 1-hour workshop mobilizes you to understand the background and impediments to decision making and How to create a truly Agile Decision Making culture.

Content of the workshop:

  • Fear rules the world, but the promise of the future has never been so near.
  • Impediments to Problem Definition
  • Impediments to Decision Making
  • The process of rational thinking and critical cognitive decision making
  • Inputs-Tools-Outputs
  • Decision Monitoring Process
  • Creating a DM culture
  • Creating a learning organization

Adopting DevOps using Value Prop Canvas

Pasi Rupponen 

    • Presentation on DevOps
    • Introduction to  VPC as a tool / method to solve the right business problem – “DevOps adoption”
    • Light group work using VPC

Deep dive into VPC

Pasi Rupponen 

    • Recap on the topics from Adopting DevOps using Value Prop Canvas
    • Presentation on Value Prop Canvas (VPC)
    • Detailed group work using VPC